Meet Journey Board Member  –
Jim Christensen

Education: MPA from Syracuse University, BA from Colgate University
Occupation: Principal Consultant, StatOrg Services LLC
Journey Board Experience: Vice Chair of the Journey Mental Health Center Board.
Board Committees – Executive, Governance, Chair of Advocacy and Development Committee

What other organizations have you been involved with?

I am a former Director of Madison Downtown Rotary, Secretary/Treasurer of Safe Communities of Madison and Dane County, and a Director of Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence.  I had a lengthy career at Alliant Energy and have been a consultant affiliated with Oriel STAT-A-MATRIX and CEO Consulting Services.  Through these organizations, I have worked with clients in many economic sectors throughout North America and internationally.  I am active in social media and have large networks of friends and associates on Linked-In and Facebook.

What are your strengths and skills?

Performance Excellence – I am a trained expert in the Baldrige criteria for performance excellence, which is the most used approach to performance management.  Strategic Planning – I work with Patrick Below to assist organizations with strategic planning.  We are collaborating on a book that we expect to publish later this year.  Continuous Improvement – I am an expert in the Lean Six Sigma methodology that has helped many different organizations become the best of their industry.  Statistics and Scorecard Development – I have utilized this skill to train hundreds of students in many organizations so they can monitor their performance and achieve their goals.  Advocacy – I am a trained expert in advocacy and worked with state and federal government legislators and regulators for the utility industry.

Why Journey?  What is your connection to mental health and/or what do you want others to know about Journey?

Members of my family and friends are on their journeys to recovery – mental health disorders and addiction have been in my family for generations.  The more I know, the more I am aware of the journeys taking place – some with success and others less so.  I have 2 grandsons struggling with autism disorders with one thriving and one struggling.  Addiction has been a struggle for many in my family.

Journey Mental Health Center is not well known, and I hope to help the community understand we are an asset – I frequently hear “What’s Journey?” when I say I am on the Board, and I think Journey should be a household word that most in the area know.  Our world needs an organization like Journey to assist those struggling.  We see news every day about the homeless and needy, the loss of the middle class and the number who have just given up trying to find work, while many employers throughout the area are posting their need for additional workers.  We can be a greater force for improvement in behavioral health in this area, and we need to develop the capability to tell our story to those who have the means so that those who do not can get the help they need to move toward recovery on their journey.